Support people affected by floods Due to the ongoing floods in several regions of the country, the number of people in need of urgent assistance is increasing READ MORE Your donation is helping people affected by emergency situations DONATE Your donation is helping the elderly not to be left alone with difficulties DONATE Your donation is helping socially vulnerable groups of population DONATE Your donation is helping to give hope to a mum and her little ones DONATE Your donation is helping show care for people in difficult situations DONATE
Who we are
The Red Crescent of Kazakhstan is the largest humanitarian organisation on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
More about us
Our mission
To prevent and alleviate human suffering with respect for human dignity and without discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, religion, political opinion, language, disability and social status, nationality, age or any other similar reason.


Low-income families with many children
Single-parent families (mothers raising children on their own)
Lonely elderly people
Socially vulnerable groups of population affected by emergencies

Thanks to the support of kind people in 2022

more than


people in need

received the necessary support



received humanitarian aid during the emergency situation

Every day volunteers and staff of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan work with people in crisis situations. Your donation will help those who have suffered from emergencies, low-income and large families, mothers raising children on their own and elderly people living alone. Your support will enable us to train people in first aid skills and increase the number of voluntary blood donors in our country, which will save many lives across the country

Our projects

Regular donations allow us to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies and help people in difficult situations throughout Kazakhstan

1500 KZT

cost of a hot lunch for a single elderly person

4000 KZT

a set of household chemicals for a large low-income family

15000 KZT

minimal food basket for a single mom and her baby
We appreciate any help, but signing up for a monthly donation will allow us to better plan our work and our charges to look to the future with more confidence

Alternative ways to donate

1 go to payments

2 then select "All"

3 scroll down to the "Charity"

4 find us - "Red Crescent Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

5 make a donation of the amount convenient for you

1 go to 'Payments' and select 'All payments'

2 Select "Charity".

3 Find us in the list and make a donation

1 go to 'Payments' and select 'All payments'

2 Select "Charity".

3 Find us in the list and make a donation

Wolt together with the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan regularly launches fundraising in its app. Information about joint campaigns is published in our social networks. To make a donation, you need to find and select Red Crescent of Kazakhstan

Public Association "Red Crescent Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Legal address: 86, Kunayeva str., Almaty city

BIN 961 240 004 229


Branch of "ForteBank" JSC


Beneficiary Code 18

Tel: +7 (727) 236 76 23

According to international standards, as well as internal regulatory documents of the Red Crescent Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan, our organization uses from 4 to 17% of the amount of relevant budgets and donations to cover operating expenses in order to ensure timely and effective implementation of programs/projects, emergency response operations and other statutory activities.

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